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We truly understand your current situation with our Founder experiencing this first hand. Nothing is more valuable than experience and knowing what you are going through not only financially but emotionally.


Our Affiliate Australia Wide Administrastors is 100% accredited and licensed by the Australian government to provide you with only the best service. Both ourselves and Australia Wide Administrators take your situation and the result seriously, you can be rest assured you are dealing only the most consummate professionals.


When we find the best solution while working with you we’ll provide you with an entire rundown on the process and let you know all the ins and outs, so you will know what’s happening every step of the way.

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In working with us it is a 100% FREE assessment with no upfront costs. You will receive options FREE of charge post your assessment with no obligation to proceed.

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“I started Debt Savvy because I have been in the same situation and I know what it feels like. My aim is to guide everyday Australians through the process to become debt free!”

– Brendan Styles, Founder, Debt Savvy

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Fast debt relief from
$8,000 upwards

Whether it be credit card debt, tax debt, personal loans, legal / medical fees, utility bills or other debt we can offer fast, effective debt relief across Australia

Simple, easy

We’ll prepare all the paperwork and make the process as simple for you as possible while communicating with you over the entire process. You won’t even have to leave your own home for us to find a debt solution for you.

Instant freezing of
interest and debt reduced

We’ll negotiate with creditors on your behalf, stop the annoying phone calls and look to have your interest / fees frozen immediately. We’ll also look to have written off any debt you can’t manage all on your behalf.