Budgeting Support and Assistance

A lot of the time we see people get into financial difficulty, it has been the result of not having a budget in place which results in credit card debt, unsecured debt, and then a situation where they find themselves requiring financial assistance.

When you spend more than you earn, an unexpected event can turn things upside down and that’s when things can start to spiral out of control. Sticking to a budget can help negate this.

Frequently Asked Questions

In its simplest form, a budget is simply a plan for how you will spend your money.

It’s identifying how much you can spend and on what items as a result of the income you earn.

To be truly effective, budgeting has to be done honestly and taking into account all of your major expenses including mortgage or rent, food expenses, credit card payments, the hairdresser, clothing and even your weekly coffee or smashed avocado on toast budget.

The team a Debt Savvy recommend this is done every couple of months to ensure that you stay on top of your financial situation.

There’s also a raft of other great benefits including:
  • Budgeting helps you to keep track of your expenses and shows where you can eliminate certain things from your life
  • It takes the stress out of money management
  • It will help you pay off debt quicker
  • A budget can help you save for things such as holidays, a new car or TV
  • It will help you become a more disciplined person

How we can help you create your Budget

We’ve helped 100’s of Australians put together a realistic budget for their circumstances and would love to see how we could help you gain financial control.