The Debt Savvy Process

We understand that everyone’s situation differs and debt relief solutions to help you minimise personal debt, whether it be credit card debt, tax debt, personal loan or home loan debt, need to be tailored to your specific circumstance.

We are also aware the same needs to be applied when assessing business debt.

As a result, we have put together a FREE of charge process that can assess financial hardship and provide debt relief solutions that will assess everything from your financial goals, current debt situation, your assets and expenses and then present to you the best course of action to rescue you from debt with a planned payment scheme to suit your budget or advice on where to go from here.

We call it our Debt Savvy process and here’s how it works to assess your current debt situation….

Simply get
in touch

Either fill out our contact form here or call us on 1300 912 197 so we can gather a bit of information from you like your current debt situation, service you may think you are looking at whether that be debt consolidation, budgeting planning advice, help with best solutions with your personal loan, home loan or business loan and refinancing, or you may just need someone to talk to about how to get to your goal.

No obligation
free Assessment

We’ll then take you through, step-by-step, our FREE assessment where we will get a good grasp of your assets, liabilities, income and ability to service your current debts. This will give us a really good snapshot of how to present you with the best course of action with a debt relief solution that will be tailor made specifically for you.

We’ll present

Now that we know a few things around your current goals and debt situation, we’ll come back to you with options and present these to you ensuring you fully understand what it all means and how the recommended courses of action will help you get out of debt and on your way to your goals.